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Fun Facts About Ancient Dentistry

Although modern dentistry is a fairly new field of study, which includes advancements in the prevention and treatment of a variety of oral health ailments, humankind has experimented with dental techniques since the prehistoric era. Here are some fun facts you may not know about ancient dentistry!

Did You Know?

  1. Neanderthals cared about their teeth
  2. A study done in 2017 concluded that Neanderthals had very basic forms of cleaning tools for their teeth.

  3. Ancient Egyptians used dental prosthetics
  4. Dental prosthetics were most likely used to enhance the appearance of mummified bodies and prepare them for the afterlife.

  5. In ancient Mesopotamia, tooth extractions were used as punishment
  6. One of the first documented forms of written law, The Code of Hammurabi, mentions tooth extraction as a form of punishment.

  7. The first dental filling was made of beeswax
  8. It was discovered in Slovenia and dates back 6,500 years!

    Aerial view of a honeycomb covered with bees that make beeswax

  9. Ancient Greek scholars studied an early form of dentistry
  10. Hippocrates and Aristotle observed and wrote about dental problems and potential solutions, including rudimentary ideas for treatment on what we now understand to be gum disease and tooth decay.

  11. Beginning in the Middle Ages, barbers would be the ones to take out teeth
  12. In Europe, tooth extractions were commonly performed by barber surgeons. This practice lasted all the way through to the mid-nineteenth century.

  13. The first toothbrush was made of boars hair & animal bone or bamboo
  14. Though there is evidence of chew sticks being used as an ancient dental cleaning device, the first toothbrush similar to what we use today was officially invented by the Chinese in 1498.

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