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Types of Smiles

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When you smile, you can reveal aspects of yourself to the world that you might not be aware of. In this article, we’ll summarize how a smile can illuminate one’s feelings and emotional state:

5 Types of Smiles

  1. Joyful & Happy
  2. This is a true toothy grin of genuine enjoyment and contentment. The smile is bright and full, often accompanied by a chuckle or laughter, and it pulls up the cheeks. Sometimes a person’s nose and eyes crinkle, and their eyes often appear to be “twinkling”.

  3. Melancholy
  4. It might sound like an oxymoron, but there are some smiles that reveal a person might be feeling sad. A slight, asymmetric smile, often with pursed lips, furrowed eyebrows, and downcast eyes, can reflect sadness.

  5. Contempt or Sarcasm
  6. The corners of the lips often appear tightened in a smile that is contemptuous or sarcastic. While the mouth may be upturned, the smile can look crooked. The eyes also reflect a sense of disdain and the chin could be haughtily raised.

  7. Flirtatious
  8. This coy smile usually features pursed lips, a closed mouth, and a sideways look. Similar to flirtatious smiles, there are seductive ones as well. The person will give a slight smile, make direct eye contact, and then slowly glance away. However, it’s likely they will continue to hold the smile and bite their lip.

  9. Forced
  10. With a smile that is forced, the eyes say it all. A fake smile does not quite reach one’s eyes. This is the smile we often wear to say hello to strangers or to laugh politely at a joke. However, some people can feign this smile well enough that it does reach the eyes, so it can be a difficult one to detect. Interestingly, this kind of smile can sometimes trick the smiler into feeling happier!

How to Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful

Superb at-home oral hygiene, a healthy diet, plenty of water, and regular checkups at our Santa Rosa Beach dental office will keep your smile dazzling and strong. If you haven’t already scheduled your next checkup, what are you waiting for? Contact us at Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry to set up an appointment with Dr. Orr today!

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