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Same-Day Dental Crowns

Nobody is perfect, and sometimes no matter how careful we are, our teeth suffer trauma or become severely decayed, resulting in the need for dental crowns. Dental crowns restore the look and functionality of a tooth, so you can enjoy your life without any restrictions.

A crown will cover or “cap” the entire tooth from the gum line up, giving your tooth a natural appearance. Traditionally, molds of your teeth would have to be sent off to a dental laboratory, where they would create your new crown. But at Gentle Breeze Family Dentistry, we can create your new dental crown during your appointment!

E4D Technology

Dr. Orr brings the best of dental technology to her patients in Santa Rosa Beach, FL to ensure patients receive the best dental results in a timely fashion. E4D technology is an in-practice computerized dental ceramic restoration design and manufacture system that produces extremely long lasting, tooth colored restorations.

Research has shown this ceramic material is extremely durable and, of course, its tooth-like coloring makes it an attractive choice. One of the ceramics we use (Emax) has been described in one journal as “the best material in the history of dentistry.” Instead of taking two days off work and having to be numbed twice, you now can get your new look and comfortable assurance of a lasting restoration in only one day. The new technology allows Dr. Orr to prepare a tooth, scan it, and design a crown, porcelain veneer, or bridge, which is then milled on site.

Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software enables us to create a virtual copy of the teeth. The amazing software is able to design the restoration, which is then sent wirelessly to our milling machine, which cuts the restoration from a solid block of ceramic to an accuracy of 20 microns. It is then customized and glazed by our dentists to match your teeth perfectly.

The lifelike appearance of a same-day crown means that no one will know your tooth has been restored. It’s an amazing innovation when you consider that, traditionally, crowns take two or three visits and just as many weeks of waiting. Best of all, studies have shown that CAD/CAM tooth restorations are just as successful as crowns made with traditional materials and techniques.

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How It Works

How it Works

When we crown your tooth, we have to prepare it for your new cap. This involves removing any existing decay that may be present, and shaping the tooth with a special dental drill so that the new crown can fit snugly onto it. This process is the same for all crowns and is a standard dental procedure.

Next, we use the CAD/CAM software to create a mirror image of the tooth that we are replacing. This software replaces the need for uncomfortable molds and provides a much more accurate end result. Once we have the digital rendering of your tooth, we choose a shade of ceramic that matches the color of your other teeth. Once everything has been prepared, the digital design of your new tooth is sent to the milling machine that carves the new crown in about 5 minutes. Upon completion of the milling, we will check that the size and shape is accurate and, if necessary, make any additional aesthetic improvements to the crown’s surface (like staining or glazing). Once everything is absolutely perfect, we’ll bond the crown onto your tooth. You get to walk out of your appointment with a brand new crown the same day you came in to get one!

Depending on the type of restoration, time may be needed to “bake” the restoration in our ceramic furnace after the design and milling of the restoration is complete. A typical restoration could be prepared late morning and fitted later that same afternoon. Often patients prefer to stop in the next day to have a separate fitting appointment. You are free to choose this option if this better suits your busy schedule.

Caring for Your Same-Day Crown

Even though your crown is technically a “fake tooth,” it still requires the same kind of oral care as the rest of your teeth. Make sure you brush and floss between all of your teeth, including your new dental crown, to reduce the build up of plaque. Essentially, you should treat your new dental crown just as you would your existing teeth. A well-cared for same-day crown will last for years to come!

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Caring for your same-day crown

Affordable Payment Options

We believe that dental care should be available to everyone, but we also don’t want it to be a financial burden. To accommodate our patients, we accept a wide variety of flexible payment options. We are very insurance friendly, accept CareCredit financing, all major credit cards, and even have our very own in-house dental savers plan. We have something for everyone, so contact us today for any questions about our affordable payment options.

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